The teaching method “The Hive” by ASEI School.

The Hive Method

The innovative multi-lingual teaching of ASEI School THE HIVE puts the student at the center. It combines modern teaching techniques through several complementary approaches to create a more enjoyable and efficient learning experience. THE HIVE provides lectures and courses on E-LEARNING platform and lessons by telephone and VIDEO-conferencing online for every chosen language.

All classroom lessons with a teacher are integrated with the customised online learning focused on specific objectives identified before the course; the student in their studies may be at work in different classes with different professors according to their interests and modules of the stages of progress, making language training an effective time during which fun, learning and socialization are integrated with each other.


Personalized Path

Having analyzed the their level using an online level tests and confirmed it by oral interview, the student is offered a customized path which involves all aspects of the blended method of ASEI School: lessons in the classroom with a personal coach, e-learning e-& writing with the tutor language learning, virtual classrooms with connections to online lessons & on specific issues and moments of socialization in school (tea-time, cinema in the school, guided visits to museums and exhibitions evening games, all in the chosen language).


The Hive

In ASEI SCHOOL, the mother-tongue teacher and the didactic tutor are two pivotal figures who regularly evaluate the eLearning experience, review the general program, enhance especially difficult areas, customize the path, thus exercising a key role in monitoring the progress of the learning process.

THE HIVE by ASEI SCHOOL is traced in every aspect. The student receives a periodic report of results and of progress, with an indication of the date, lesson time and study time devoted to each aspect.

The Hive Method 



The Teacher in the Classroom

Face-to-face training as a learning experience is the only one capable of providing the essential psychological and emotional comfort in the learning process. The exclusive personal relationship that develops lesson after lesson promotes an approach geared to the specific objectives of the individual student, which is necessary for a customized and personalized teaching program. Interactive material, tests and computer exercises, videos, lyrics correction and virtual classrooms are wonderful learning tools that need to be complemented and enriched by constant feedback and consolidated through the support of an experienced teacher.


E-learning platform

The e-learning platform is made up of videos, articles, exercises and “how to” modules. Business modules are organized into functions (e.g. meetings or negotiations) and levels. They are designed to be immediately adapted to the working environment. All modules are adjustable and accompanied by a related quiz. Audio-visual resources and articles are drawn from real-world situations, making the information immediately applicable to the world of work.



This phase focuses on written communication in English. The approach is customized and the product is easy to use: the student sends a short message, and the feedback and corrections of the teacher are communicated within 48 hours. The student is then redirected to the specific content of the e-Learning platform.


Online video conferencing in HD

Asei School has designed a program of online language lessons with native speaker teachers focused on specific issues and specific objectives. All lessons can be followed via their computer connected to the internet or via mobile phone. From your computer, you can view the instructor’s screen, participants can download documents, images, media files and Web links provided by the supervisor. Participants can also interact via chat and  raise their virtual hand. Everyone can test duration time and breaks with the help of a timer. Instruments such as the pen, highlighter ,spotlight and arrow allow you to interact with the participants. High quality video conferencing is easy to use and allows you to effectively enter into contact with the whole class. The lesson will be registered, including all the telephones and computers. At the end of class each participant will receive the video and audio of the lecture and the evaluation of the final test.


Learning level

Learning levels are divided into 6 levels, from the lowest level A1 (Beginner) to the highest level C2 (Advanced). Each level corresponds to a 60 hour course. Asei School divides each level into 3 step , of 30 hours each organized like so: 18 classroom hours + 12 hours on e-learning platform. All social events organized by the school over teaching hours laid down by the method for overcoming the level are optional. All courses include a final test to verify the competency learning in each level and all courses of English, French, German, and Spanish level b1 up, are aimed at passing the BULATS TEST.