english online course: Customer Care



  • Understand what makes good and bad customer service
  • Identify different customer service-centred jobs
  • Show if you agree or disagree about aspects of customer care
  • Compare different uses and meaning of body language
  • Identify how to effectively follow up a company visit
  • Identify ways of using demonstrative pronouns
  • Examine different forms of taboo
  • Distinguish the different features of ‘customer care’ phone calls
  • Differentiate meanings of phrasal verbs
  • List different ways of taking an order
  • Troubleshoot customer problems on the phone
  • Show how to empathise with the customer in a natural way
  • Identify different layouts of letters and emails and formality of language
  • To write a text with the 5 C’s
  • To prepare opinions on text given
  • Identify ways to provide the best customer service
  • Predict reactions of customers and what they want to hear
  • State different company policies
  • Give opinions on cultural complaint procedures

Coupon 1to1 : 240,00 Euro/pax

(6 lessons 1:1 with online teacher )

Coupon 2to4 : 150,00 Euro/pax

(6 lessons , max 4 students with online teacher)

Coupon 5to20 : 50,00 Euro/pax

(6 lessons , max 20 students with online teacher)


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