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Welcome to Italy

Asei School welcomes participants from European countries as a host partner.

We have built network of local partners in Milan and other cities of Italy; we can provide a complete programme that includes every type of service required such as accommodation, linguistic training, placement training and a lot more. For more information you can contact us by e-mail to: milano@aseischool.com







Who we are?

Asei School  is a professional organization that deals with education, training and European culture. Asei SChool is specialized in the preparation and  implementation of national and international projects.

We work as a hosting partner and participant for EU programmes, for example, under the old framework of Leonardo Da Vinci and Youth In Action. This means we create and organize European projects that are approved and funded by the European Union.

In this field Asei School provides quality consulting and organizational services. Furthermore, we advise institutions, corporations, non-profit organizations and others on the subject of European Programmes, training modules and courses in formal and non-formal education for their clients or employees.

What we do?

In the context of the Erasmus + Programme, Asei School welcomes participants from European countries as a host or intermediary partner.

We have built a network of local partners and we can provide a complete programme that includes every type of service required such as accommodation, placement training, linguistic training, social activities and a lot more.

Asei School has a broad experience in organizing and leading European Projects, if you are interested in a partnership, or maybe an internship at our company please do not hesitate to contact us

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